Hiring in Japan Can be a Challenge

two woman chatting 1311518 - Hiring in Japan Can be a Challenge

This time of the year we are always busy preparing for the end-of-the-year.  Finding qualified people can be a challenge.

Currently our team consists of eight Japanese and three native English speakers.  We have three qualified tax accounts and one U.S. CPA. 

Because of our breadth of experience and language skills we can keep abreast of changes to Japanese accounting and tax laws and regulations and quickly inform our clients of relevant news and changes. 

Our English speaking staff is able to communicate effectively with our international clients.

We are currently recruiting native English speakers who have accounting background and who can read and write Japanese. In the past we have had success by using job boards and social media sites such as LinkedIn and Wantedly. 

If you have a background in accounting and can read and write Japanese, please contact us to learn more about opportunities at our firm.