About Us

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Minato International Accounting Office was founded in 2003 by Ichiro Kawai, CPA.Our firm has grown to over 2o employees including two Japan licensed CPAs and two US licensed CPAs.We work with a wide variety of foreign and local firms across several industries to help them establish the appropriate business entity in Japan, apply for visas, and track, record, and report all relevant financial transactions.We also provide payroll, bookkeeping, corporate income tax filing services. 

Cloud-Based Accounting Applications

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Minato International Accounting Office provides two cloud-based application services to our clients. 

The Baketsu-Receipt Management Service allows our clients to simply drop their receipts in a box and send to us. We then scan and categorize all receipts in a spreadsheet.

The Baketsu service helps our customers to save time, reduce accounting errors, and increase transparency on monthly expenses.

We can process up to 200 receipts per month for only JPY 10,000. 

We also have a provide a comprehensive cloud-based accounting application so that our clients can enter information, check and confirm entries, view financial reports including accounts payable, accounts receivable, and more.All information is provided in an organized, clean, and transparent, manner. Journal data can be downloaded in a CSV format.