Account Book

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We know that accounting books are dirty and we have a lot of trouble later.

It is easy to think that books will be created only for tax examinations, but it is actually very useful in daily work. For example, if the accounts are clean, you can tell how much the accounts receivable remained in the customer.

Also, the amount of salary paid two years ago is one shot. How much money does it pay and how much remains now? I will understand you soon.

It’s a book, so I think of a thick bundle of paper bound with a string, but now it is the age of computers. With data search, you can easily access piled up information in organized books. It is definitely useful if you can use it for daily activities without making it just a record of old days. A business plan is necessary to grow a company, but for this purpose, it is also essential to have a clean book that can be managed in real terms.


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When you take a photo of the receipt with the iPhone app and upload it, the photo is automatically saved on the office server. Our specialist staff enters the accounting journal entry from the receipt into the system.

To be honest, I was not good at keeping my accounting firm’s books. I said “I’m doing it” at the end of the year, saying that I was busy or busy. But that’s why the quality is low and I don’t usually wear it, so it’s almost useless when needed. The world changed for me when I started asking people for books. The books have been cleaned at once. I was able to immediately see who was charged and how much was left.

For me, this was a fairly fresh surprise. Even if you can’t do it yourself, if you ask people, you can do it better than you think. You can keep your own books, but if you are doing business by yourself, it is best to leave your books to others, focusing on your main business. By far, the books will be clean.

In fact, it is important to match not only expenses but also sales, pay and bank balances. Otherwise, I do not know how profitable my job is. In addition, if you do not match the bank, after all, there will be a lot of meaning in the book, as there are a lot of leaks in the transaction input. In this area, I think it would be good if someone outside the company (such as our accounting firm) uses a bookkeeping agent to do the job. The fee is billed monthly. It is 8,000 yen to 100 pieces, and 2,000 yen per 25 pieces after that.

Accounts Receivable Balance

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Customers can check the entered accounting data online at any time.

But that alone is not enough, and what happens now? It is best to be able to hear it. In a word, it is like a person of accounting is outside. If so, on the phone, how much of that customer’s accounts receivable remained? It is also possible to listen a little bit.

Our accounting software works on the net. Of course, you can also download journal data (CSV format).

In addition, we do reporting, tax, inheritance tax savings, M & A tax consultation, and due diligence before acquisition in international transactions.

Before making a final decision on a business acquisition, it is better to have a third party check once the financial statements of the company being considered for acquisition indicate the correct status. This process is commonly called due diligence (or DD for short).

Although it is based on experience, the financial statements may be correct or incorrect. Even if it is wrong, there are various degrees, and it may be makeup to clearly show the figures of the company from the thing of the extent of the recording of the slight expense.

A common pattern is that the old stock remains as an asset at the same time it was bought as the asset, and the payment of expenses is recorded on a cash basis, so the unpaid amount is recorded less for one month, 3 years There are cases where a large number of receivables that could not be recovered before are left in the asset category. In such a case, the property value of the acquisition target company needs to be corrected, but in some cases it may be necessary to review the acquisition itself.

In addition, we accept accounting audits of companies related to virtual currency. In order to register as a virtual currency exchange business, an agreed procedure of accounting audit and separate management by a certified public accountant is required. Some of the audit firms do not like this because it is thought that their nature, such as checking the balance of virtual currency, is a bit confusing, but we have no problem.