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Accounting for Businesses

We provide back office accounting support to our clients in Japan so they can focus on growing their business.

Our services include bank account reconciliation, ledger creation, and the generation of income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

We also provide services including payroll, tax planning, tax preparation, receipt handling, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and more.


Tax Planning for Businesses

We provide in-person and virtual consultations to help companies decide on the most appropriate tax strategy for their specific situation and needs.

We also provide filing and payment support for all types of corporate taxes including corporate tax returns, payroll taxes, and the Japanese consumption tax.

Tax Planning for Individuals

Filing taxes in Japan can be complicated depending on many factors including your visa type, duration of stay, type of income received, overseas assets and global income, and more.

We help Japanese and non-Japanese residents of Japan to strategically minimize tax exposure and file their national tax return in an appropriate and timely manner.

Receipt Management - Baketsu!

Are you tired of manually totaling up all your business expense receipts every month. 

We have the solution! Our Baketsu Reciept Management Service allows you simply drop the receipts in a box and we will scan and categorize them in a spreadsheet.

We can process up to 200 receipts per month for only JPY 10,000.

Baketsu will help you to save time, reduce accounting errors, and provide clarity on monthly expenses. 

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Accounting APPlicaton

Our clients have the option of using our cloud-based accounting application to enter information, check and confirm entries, view all financial reports including accounts payable and accounts receivable and more. All information is provided in an organized, clean, and transparent manner. Journal data can be dowloaded in a CSV format. 

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